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Avanti, Suzhou

LocationXuguan Town, Suzhou National Hi-tech District, Suzhou
Gross Floor Area59,000sqm (100% owned)
Xuguan Town, Suzhou National Hi-tech District, Suzhou
Gross Floor Area
59,000sqm (100% owned)

It is located in the core living area of Suzhou National Hi-Tech District, which is designed to be a centre for living cum transportation hub with vigorous commercial activities. To that end, there are plans to develop a CBD comprising feature shopping street, an office building zone, e-commerce facilities and supermarkets. The project is close to Suzhou Xinqu Railway Station and the Suzhou Rail Transit Line 3 and Line 6 (under construction). Seamless connection with all railways operating or under construction in Suzhou is facilitated through railway transit Line 3 for easy access to all districts in Suzhou. The project is adjacent to large shopping centres, restaurants, leisure and entertainment venues and gymnasiums, where residents will get practically everything they need for a typical day.

The project is designed to provide a warm and natural city-life community with unique characteristics based on germane and people-centric design concepts. The units are erected on slim and transparent structures which allow the passage of natural daylight into the living room and the capturing of panoramic cityscape. The suspended double-lobby is another example of the modernistic architectural design of an avant-garde residential development. Meanwhile, the exterior wall of the complex as a whole comes in an elegant modernist style highlighted by vertical lines, while the combination of glass curtain façade and decorative panel lines have fostered a fashionable, cosy and delightful environment. The project has enhanced the image of Xinqu Railway Station Plaza as an urban centre by providing the station-front plaza with a new landmark in the form of premium residences.

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